Student Services is a not-for-profit agency that has historically provided school-based prevention services to students in Belmont and Monroe counties in Ohio. In 2020, they expanded their prevention efforts to include community-based prevention services to Belmont, Harrison, and Monroe counties. The community-based prevention staff help support efforts of community members through coalition work, awareness and education projects, and other community events. The staff hopes to promote collaborative efforts amongst community providers that will positively impact the community members through advocacy for service provision, reduction of stigma related to mental illness and substance misuse, and eliminating barriers to care.

Student Services has been providing prevention, early intervention and support programs following a Student Assistance Program model since 1981. Student Services is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to provide prevention and supplemental behavioral health programs. These programs are designed to help students gain knowledge, develop skills, and form attitudes that will help them to succeed in school and to lead healthy, productive, and positive lives and to intervene early in a child’s life if they are experiencing mental health or substance abuse related issues. Student Services contracts with local schools to provide prevention programs. The programs implemented by Student Services are evidence-based and show significant gains in participating students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes upon program completion.


The following programs are implemented as indicated:

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